A Too Powerful Word – September 2020

Thank you so much Danijela Trajković for publishing a selection of my artwork on your wonderful new literary journal!


Danijela is a Serbian poet, writer, reviewer and translator. Her book “22 Wagons” has been published by The Academy of Arts, Knjazevac, 2018. Her work has been translated into many languages and published in journals, anthologies and newspapers worldwide. She lives and works in Vranje.I wish you all the best with this exciting new venture!

Lismore Castle Gallery Exhibition 31/7 – 11/10 2020


Delighted to have a print of my artwork included in the exhibition ‘Stories from Lismore and Beyond’ curated by Paul McAree which runs from 31/7 – 11/10 2020. 

Lismore Castle is in Co. Waterford and is the Irish home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Their main residence is Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, UK.

The exhibition documents the unprecedented times we are living in and includes an open call for submissions, responses from Irish artists who  have had a connection with LCA and artworks from the Lismore Castle collection.

Links – About the exhibition –



Pendemic – 30/07/20

Thrilled to have a poem Isolation published in Pendemic!
The Irish Poetry Reading Archive at UCD Library is to preserve this incredible archive of social history.
Pendemic was featured in THE IRISH TIMES 30/04/20 and several of the poems read on RTÉ’s Poetry Programme 01/06/20!
Thank you so much Niall McArdle, Joy Redmond, Liz Quirke and Ruth McKee!
This poem was first published in ‘The Silence’ a Cobh based project 25/06/20.

The Silence – 27/06/2020

Thrilled to have a poem ‘Isolation‘ published in The Silence. This is a Cobh based, beautifully presented project of 45 writers, artists, photographers invited to write, themed on Rob O’Connor’s haunting photography of empty streets of Cork City in these unprecedented times. Many thanks to Pat Carroll for your invitation, hard work and dedication – Art In Many Forms.


On Patrick Street, silence weaves between pavement cracks,

surrenders to white lines we are told to stand behind.

From a second story window my eyes trace the skyline,

empty light and concrete stare back at me

and I feel like a caged bird………..





BARGEMUSIC – BROOKLYN NYC published in Live Encounters – April 2020

Live Encounters April 2020


Live Encounters Bargemusic

Thrilled to have BARGEMUSIC – Brooklyn published in the April 2020 Edition of Live Encounters. I was invited by classical pianist Ivan Ilić to photograph his concerts in October 2019.

Thank you Guest Editor Peter O’Neill and Editor in Chief Mark Ulyseas

“Listening to Hans Otte The Book of Sounds; the first of the three concerts, each contemplative composition reminded me of a vignette and not surprising to read that they were greatly influenced by Eastern meditation. It felt as if significant
moments in life’s mercurial waters ran through my veins as if a gentle pulse
to which I surrendered before regaining equilibrium. The accompaniment; the
creaking barge, lapping of waves and sporadic toot of a passing cargo ferry in a
pitch perfect A flat. I imagined notes, shaped like October leaves move with the
tide as if migratory birds along the East River, past Williamsburg to Long Island
Sound and I remembered how beautiful small things can be. Wonderful concert
reviews from New York Classical Review “smooth as flowing water, with a great
evenness of tone and rhythm…” and Limelight “… his touch light as a falling leaf.”


Page 72- 74 PDF – https://liveencounters.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/LE-PW-April-2020-PDF.pdf


Page 142-147 https://issuu.com/liveencounters/docs/le_p_w_april_2020_issuu?fr=sNjRkNzQ4MjI3MA&fbclid=IwAR3l6c7eZqI4c0cx-ZydQJd73iE7njsah15MwQD9GnC4JUvyfgNzE2ofFOQ

Photo of pianist Ivan Ilić in Czech music magazine časopis Harmonie

Ivan Ilic Dina Harmonie

Thrilled to see my photograph of pianist Ivan Ilić  in the Czech music magazine časopis Harmonie. This was taken at The Hugh Lane, Dublin at his concert 29th Sept 2019 and part of a six page interview of Ivan by Dina Šnejdarová

Photo’s of magazine thanks to Dina Šnejdarová

Ivan Ilic Dina

Published here in a shortened online version – https://www.casopisharmonie.cz/rozhovory/ivan-ilic-a-jeho-laska-k-antoninu-rejchovi.html





Thrilled to see my photograph in the IRISH TIMES and to see my name credited as photographer in an article 07/2019 by Emer Moreau!


This photo was previously published in the IRISH TIMES in May and featured in an article by Sarah Byrne – “I am in need of music’ – reflections on music and poetry in The Well Review.” Photo taken during the Cork International Poetry Festival at Cork School of Music!


Thrilled to have two photographs of pianist Ivan Ilić’s concerts published in LIMELIGHT – AUSTRALIA’S CLASSICAL MUSIC AND ARTS MAGAZINE.


 This beautifully written poetic review by Clive Paget expresses and encompasses every musical moment on BARGEMUSIC this legendary converted coffee barge, now classical music concert venue moored at Fulton Ferry Landing, Brooklyn!

“Ilić remains trance-like, his touch light as a falling leaf.” LIMELIGHT – AUSTRALIA’S CLASSICAL MUSIC AND ARTS MAGAZINE.



CONTEMPLATING THE MUSE – https://lindaibbotson.wordpress.com/2019/11/06/new-york-ivan-ilic-bargemusic-11th-13th-oct-2019/


California Quarterly – Issue 45 No.2



Thrilled to have a poem Invisible Silence from La Serenissima, a cycle of poems published in California Quarterly Vol 45 No.2! – California State Poetry Society – Thank you so much Margaret Saine for inviting me to submit and to Nancy Cavers Dougherty, Editor. Many thanks too Helene Cardona who introduced me to Margaret.

Established in 1971, CSPS is the official state organization representing California to the National Federation of State Poetry Societies