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Linda Kinsale


Linda Ibbotson is from the UK, currently residing in Co. Cork, Ireland. Her poetry, artwork and photographs have been published internationally including THE IRISH TIMES, Levure Litteraire, Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Irish Examiner, California Quarterly, Live Encounters, Eastern World, (with her artwork) Fifty Ways to Fly, Fekt, Galician newspaper – Sermos Galiza, PB7 (Poetry Bus), 22 вагонa (Wagons) Itaca, RDS Dublin Exhibition, Limelight, Poethead, Boyne Berries, The Silence and exhibited a photograph at the RDS DUBLIN and Lismore Castle Co. Waterford. 

In May 2021 she collaborated with Russian classical pianist and composer Arsenity Kharitonov.

Her poetry has been translated into Serbian and Romanian. It has also been read on radio and performed in France by Irish musician and actor Davog Rynne.

Linda was invited in 2015 to be one of the judges for the Rabindranath Tagore Award International

Her painting Cascade featured as the cover of a cd for Irish musician – Tony Floyd Kenna.

She writes a poetry and arts blog Contemplating the Muse https://lindaibbotson.wordpress.com/?s=

Linda was invited to read at the Abroad Writers Conference in Lismore Castle, Butlers Townhouse, Dublin and Kinsale.

Published Artwork

A Too Powerful Word – September 2020 https://atoopowerfulword.wixsite.com/magazine/post/linda-ibbotson

Levure Litteraire 13 – June 2017  http://levurelitteraire.com/linda-ibbotson-3/  

Immagine and Poesia – May 2017  https://immaginepoesia.jimdo.com/e-book-2017/

FEKT –December 2016 Artwork and photographs http://www.fekt.org/linda-ibbotson/

Eastern World-Uzbekistan-29/07/2015

Published Photographs

abstractAzzi – 31st December 2020 – Issue 21  Andante – Italian Concerto in F major – Bach https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4dKqABwfeFdp2Hv5n548pw  

časopis Harmonie – February 2020 – Czech music magazine – Photo of pianist Ivan Ilić  taken at The Hugh Lane, Dublin in Sept 2019 – Interview of Ivan by Dina Snejdarova. Here in an online version – https://www.casopisharmonie.cz/rozhovory/ivan-ilic-a-jeho-laska-k-antoninu-rejchovi.html

THE  IRISH TIMES – 19th July 2019 – Emer Moreau –  https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/music-may-be-better-than-drugs-at-calming-patients-research-finds-1.3961455

LIMELIGHT – October 2019 – Australia’s Classical Music and Arts Magazine – Ivan Ilić piano concert – HANS OTTE’S BOOK OF SOUNDS (BARGEMUSIC, BROOKLYN New York) https://www.limelightmagazine.com.au/reviews/hans-ottes-book-of-sounds-bargemusic-brooklyn/

THE IRISH TIMES –  2nd May 2019 – Sarah Byrne – Reflections on music and poetry in The Well Review https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/books/i-am-in-need-of-music-reflections-on-music-and-poetry-in-the-well-review-1.3878556

STONE GIRL – February 2019 – Author photo for Mary Noonans poetry collection https://www.dedaluspress.com/authors/noonan-mary/

Levure Litteraire – June 2018 – http://levurelitteraire.com/linda-ibbotson-5/

Sermos Galiza – November 2017 – http://www.sermosgaliza.gal/articulo/cultura/poemas-frio-polar-cork/20171128134515063731.html

FEKT – December 2016 – Artwork and photographs http://www.fekt.org/linda-ibbotson/


LISMORE CASTLE GALLERY, Co Waterford – Artwork print – Botanical –Stories From Lismore and Beyond 31/07/20 – 11/10/20 http://www.lismorecastlearts.ie/ 

RDS DUBLIN – July 2018 – Photograph – Hugo Vegter, Instrument maker, Cork. Exhibition ‘The Maker’s Hand’ explores the rich history of the RDS Craft Awards from their inception in 1968 to the present day.  

Published Poems

Washing Windows Too – February 2022 – Refugee – Arlen House publishers – https://booksupstairs.ie/product/washing-windows-too-irish-women-write-poetry/

Trasna – June 2021 – Notes From an Empty Room, Homage to Kinsale, Beat of the Bodhran, A Celtic Legacy http://richardhowe.com/2021/06/19/linda-ibbotson-trasna/

Arsenity Kharitonov – Russian Classical pianist and composer collaboration – May 2021 – Notes From an Empty Room https://www.arsentiykharitonov.com/collaboration

Bealtaine – April 2021 – Home Fires – https://issuu.com/bealtainemag/docs/bealtaine_issue_1_master_copy__8_  

Pendemic – July 2020 – Isolation – http://pendemic.ie/isolation-a-poem-by-linda-ibbotson/

The Silence – June 2020 – Isolationhttps://thesilence2020.wordpress.com/2020/06/25/linda-ibbotson/

Boyne Berries 27 – March 2020 –  I am Lost to the World” (Rückert Lieder – Mahler)

California Quarterly Issue 45 No.2 August 2019 – La  Serenissima – Invisible Silence

Poethead – May 2019 –  In the Absence of Boundaries (iii) The Third Movement, Paris Sketchbook (i) Pastiche (ii) The Art of Seeing, A Celtic Legacy, Beat of the Bodhran, Homage to Kinsale – https://poethead.wordpress.com/2019/05/26/homage-to-kinsale-and-other-poems-by-linda-ibbotson/



Itaca – December 2018 – Paris Sketchbook – (ii) The Art of Seeing  (v) Consider the Philosophy of Fine Art, Celtic Legacy, Homage to Kinsale, In the Absence of Boundaries (i) Prelude – https://issuu.com/emanuelpope/docs/itaca_nr._24/30?ff   

My Kinsale (Words by Water Kinsale Literary Festival) – October 2018 – Homage to Kinsale

Levure Litteraire 14 – June 2018 – La Serinissima (i) Vivaldi – In the Absence of Boundaries (iv) Meditation in a Minor Chord – She –  http://levurelitteraire.com/linda-ibbotson-4/

22 вагона (Wagons) – June 2018 – Serbian translations – Paris Sketchbook – (ii) The Art of Seeing – Jazz

PB7 – Poetry Bus – February 2018 – She

Levure Litteraire 13 – June 2017 – Paris  Sketchbook – (i) Pastiche (ii) The Art of Seeing. In the Absence of Boundaries – (iii) Third Movement  http://levurelitteraire.com/linda-ibbotson-2/

Fifty Ways to Fly – March 2017 In the Absence of Boundaries –  (ii)  Meditation in a Minor Chord

Live Encounters- Poetry Offering December 2016 – In The Absence of Boundaries-Homage to Kinsale,  Jazz,  Prelude, Glimpse of the Surreal  http://liveencounters.net/le-poetry-2016/12-december-poetry-2016/2-linda-ibbotson-in-the-absence-of-boundaries/

California Quarterly- Issue 42   No.3 September 2016- In the Absence of Boundaries (iii) Third Movement 

Douglas Post-Issue 1216 w/e 30/04/2016– Homage to Kinsale

XXI Century World Literature-April 2016– In the Absence of Boundaries (i) Prelude 

Asian Signature-30/01/2016– Beat of the Bodhran  http://asiansignature.com/world-poetry/linda-ibbotson/

Irish Examiner-27/10/2015- Homage to Kinsale

Eastern World-Uzbekistan-29/07/2015- A selection of artwork and poems – Jazz, A Glimpse of the Surreal, Homage to Kinsale, Beat of the Bodhran – Celtic Legacy.

A selection of artwork.

Iodine– 2015 Spring/ Summer issue XVI- Jazz, Homage to Kinsale

Levure Litteraire 9-2014 May- Artist ( En Plein Air), Your Notes,  Lost Line  http://levurelitteraire.com/linda-ibbotson/

The Enchanting Verses Literary Review Issue XX-2014 May- Woven In Paris. A Celtic Legacy*  http://www.theenchantingverses.org/issue-xx-may-2014.html  

Episteme-2013 December-Pianist,  Madrigal,  Artist (En Plein Air)

Virtuoso-December 2013- Pianist

The Inspired Heart-October 2013-Incense, Prayer Book and Your Broken Tibetan Heart, Your Notes, Seduction

Porter Gulch Review-June 2013-If Only She Could

Mad Swirl-23/01/2013- Mad Moonscape

Blue Max Review-August 2012- Next Exit Into Oblivion

Essays and Articles

Levure Litteraire 10 – The Enchanting Verses Literary Review- the journey – http://levurelitteraire.com/linda-ibbotson-210/

Enchanting Verses Literary Review Issue XX-2014 May – http://www.theenchantingverses.org/issue-xx-may-2014.html

Book reviews – Published in Knot magazine, Songsoptokkblog, Kabar science and culture, Mearteka, Sputnik News; Moscow, Writers International Network; Canada

Poetry read on radio in Australia, France, Ireland and Venezuela. 

A Celtic Legacy was also and performed with bodhran by Irish musician and actor Davog Rynne at Theatre des Marronniers – Lyon, the village of Saint Pierre de Chartreuse and 59 Rivoli, Paris.