BARGEMUSIC – BROOKLYN NYC published in Live Encounters – April 2020

Live Encounters April 2020


Live Encounters Bargemusic

Thrilled to have BARGEMUSIC – Brooklyn published in the April 2020 Edition of Live Encounters. I was invited by classical pianist Ivan Ilić to photograph his concerts in October 2019.

Thank you Guest Editor Peter O’Neill and Editor in Chief Mark Ulyseas

“Listening to Hans Otte The Book of Sounds; the first of the three concerts, each contemplative composition reminded me of a vignette and not surprising to read that they were greatly influenced by Eastern meditation. It felt as if significant
moments in life’s mercurial waters ran through my veins as if a gentle pulse
to which I surrendered before regaining equilibrium. The accompaniment; the
creaking barge, lapping of waves and sporadic toot of a passing cargo ferry in a
pitch perfect A flat. I imagined notes, shaped like October leaves move with the
tide as if migratory birds along the East River, past Williamsburg to Long Island
Sound and I remembered how beautiful small things can be. Wonderful concert
reviews from New York Classical Review “smooth as flowing water, with a great
evenness of tone and rhythm…” and Limelight “… his touch light as a falling leaf.”


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